Stud earrings- A must-have fashionable element 

Stud earrings- A must-have fashionable element 

When in doubt wear Stud earrings!! Studs are the most versatile jewelry element that a person can have in their accessory collection. The classic design of Diamond stud earrings can be paired up with formal to casual wear, from Indian wear to party dress. They are a fit for every occasion. If you are in love with jewelry we believe you don’t need any persuasion in wearing studs. Below are the reasons which will make you buy studs from SiriusJewels for your everyday wear. 


  • Studs have no age bar

     You must remember the time when you got your ear pierced. Yes! Right from birth, you wore stud earrings to keep your piercing open. Children can’t wear long heavy earrings as it will change the shape of their ears and hurt as well. The same goes for an elderly person who can’t take the weight of heft earrings. Both age groups prefer to wear gold stud earrings. This flexible nature of stud earrings gets passed on to various generations. 


  • Perfect for daily wear

    On these hot summery days who wants to wear hefty jewelry. Gold studs should be your only priority. Whether you are wearing jeans or a semi-formal wear studs will match up with both. You can even pair up studs with traditional wear. Studs can be easily worn and packed for traveling as well. 


  • Neutral gender

     There has always been a distinction between jewelry designed for men and jewelry that is designed for women. But as the world is growing men have been slowly clearing this distinction by wearing studs and other ornaments. You may have not seen men wearing heavy cocktails or danglers. Stud earrings have always been appealing to men who love to wear jewelry.


  • For every occasion

     Do you have the time to change your accessory between your busy schedule? No! right, studs are here to save you. They are lightweight and easy going, will be there with you during the 9-5 job work. They are the perfect pick for your everyday look. Even if you wish to change the outfits, the studs remain the same.  


  • Effortless pairing

    Studs are undeniably the most classic piece you could pair up with. The simplest studs for formal wear can be paired up with an elegant bracelet and an authentic ring. As for traditional wear, you can wear diamond studded studs to balance it you can wear a legal pendant and a real diamond bangle. Studs are super versatile and stay classic regardless of the trends. 

If the above facts have persuaded you to buy Gold Diamond studs then visit the SiriusJewels website now or download the SiriusJewelsandlifestyles app. Add studs to your everyday style and spark up your normal clothing wear. Be comfortable with delicate studs and link it up with every other attire.