Best Places To Buy Engagement Rings

Best Places To Buy Engagement Rings

Some of best diamantaires are located in a highly commercial and business hub of India and this well-known city is Surat, in South Gujarat. There are many well-known diamond jewellers in Surat but Sirius Jewels Pvt Ltd believes in providing the best to all its customers from all over the world. We provide highly customized service to all our clients with high quality diamond jewellery made from the finest quality stones in terms of cut, clarity, colour and carat. We further guarantee our clients a certification for the quality of our jewellery. We also provide the option of online shopping to our clients from the comforts of their homes. A look through some of the finest collection of engagement rings that will leave you speechless. 


Rings of Charm and Elegance

We have the finest quality diamond rings at affordable prices which are budget friendly. You can go online and choose from a wide variety of rings on display. There are engagement rings, solitaires, dainty rings, office wear rings, and rings for men and many more. Adorning these rings will give you a sense of elegance and beauty as you carry yourself off confidently. So don’t wait and just hurry because these uniquely crafted masterpieces are always taken away by our customers. Add one of these rings to your jewellery box and you will simply love it.  


Starry Stackables

These rings have a charm, class and elegance of their own as they are designed by experts using the finest quality diamonds. Budget and pocket friendly these rings are sure to leave you speechless. Wear on your special day or pair it with a designer saree or a lehenga and look your best and you are sure to rock the party scene. Add one of these finest pieces to your jewellery collection and become a proud owner. 

Darwin Round Diamond Stackable Ring

Stunning Cocktails

In this segment of cocktail rings which are crafted by experts using the finest quality diamonds. Wear them on your on your special day or flaunt it at a party
or an event and you will surely make heads turn. Add one of these gorgeously designed cocktail rings to your jewellery wardrobe. Reasonably priced and pocket friendly these rings add flair and confidence to your personality. 

Chaim Diamond Cocktail Ring


Office Wear Delights

In this segment we bring you daily and office wear rings that are expertly crafted and designed by experts. The rings are light weight with delicate stone work done on it. Wear it with any suitable office wear and you are sure to make an impressive impression at the workplace. Add one of these dazzling office wear engagement rings to your jewellery collection.

Shining Minimal Diamond Ring


Dainty Dazzlers

If you like engagement rings that are crafted to perfection then these dainty looking rings are definitely for you. Finely designed and crafted by master craftsmen these rings are so gorgeously beautiful that they will enhance your personality. Wear them on your special day or for any other party or event these rings are sure going to make you rock. Reasonably priced and pocket friendly these rings are surely going to make you feel happy.

Miu Round Diamond Ring

Ultimate Couple Bands

When two people are in love they want engagement rings that look the same. In the couple band segment we have bands for both him/her that look the same. Wear and flaunt it on your special day and you both will look dashing and rock the scene. Add a pair of couple bands to your jewellery box which will fill your life with beautiful memories. Reasonably priced and affordable these rings are the ultimate luxury rings for couples. 

The King Crown Diamond Couple Ring


Adding a Touch of Class to Men’s Rings

If women’s rings are beautiful and gorgeous then men’s rings are equally classy and stunning. We have expertly designed and crafted men’s rings especially for you. So go online and look at the vast display of exquisitely crafted rings on display. Wear it on your special day or flaunt it daily to office you will surely rock. Add another classic ring to your jewellery collection and you will feel like an achiever. 

Decorative Diamond Men's Ring

Want to look classy, cool and confident on your engagement day then go online and shop from a wide variety of gold, white and rose gold diamond rings that are crafted by some of our master craftsmen. We cater to customers from all over the world and they are happy and satisfied with the professional services that we offer. Visit us online and you won’t be disappointed.