Buy Latest Designs Jewelry with Sirius Jewels on this Akshaya Tritiya

Buy Latest Designs Jewelry with Sirius Jewels on this Akshaya Tritiya

On Akshaya Tritiya, why do people buy gold and why do so many individuals launch new businesses? Everyone thinks it's a lucky day, but why is that? Let's Explore.

The Hindu and Jain communities consider Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, to be one of the most auspicious festivals. The sacred event happens on the third day of the bright half according to the Hindu Luni-Solar calendar, and the name 'Akshaya' means immortal in Sanskrit. This day is said to be earmarked for a fresh start, whether it's a new event, construction project, or commercial venture. So, what makes this celebration so unique? Essentially, it is thought that the entire day is auspicious on Akshaya Tritiya, and that any new investment or endeavor begun on this day would continue to develop and thrive. The day is regarded auspicious for weddings, and any contribution or nice deed performed on it will bring good karma. In India, Akshaya Tritiya is regarded as an auspicious day for purchasing gold. Many potential investors are out shopping for gold on this auspicious day. Gold and other expensive commodities acquired on this day are said to bring wealth to Indian investors. Especially in the case of Gold, it is often assumed that if you purchase gold on this day, your fortune will increase. Gold is also a very emotive aspect of Indian culture. It goes without saying that many individuals are adamant on obtaining at least an iota of gold as a sign of a wealthy future. As a valued heritage, gold has a strong link with the archetypal Indian woman. Investing in gold or silver may be done in a variety of ways by various families. Some people choose to buy melted gold and store it so that they may use it in whichever way they want in the future, depending on their needs. Others might rather spend on modest delicate pieces of jewelry, such as delicate gold earrings for men or women or a delicate gold bracelet or even on diamond jewelry set or diamond jewelry necklace.


Now, if you're planning to purchase gold or diamond jewelry during Akshaya Tritiya, the five things you should bear in mind



If you're going to buy gold for Akshaya Tritiya, be sure it's hallmarked. Purchase gold from a jeweler who is a member of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The best option is to get gold from a reputable jeweler. This is when Sirius Jewels enter the picture, providing you with the best gold and diamond jewelry in Surat and Online.


Carat or fineness are used to determine the purity of gold. You may run fast testing and acid tests to determine purity when buying gold from small jewelers. You can buy gold coins from banks if your investment is in gold coins. In India, banks offer gold coins in tamper-resistant packaging.



Request a genuine cash note or invoice with specifics, since this adds transparency to the transaction and gives the investor peace of mind. When purchasing gold decorations, keep an eye out for making charges and taxes. For large purchases, the investor must pay GST (Goods and Services Tax) and disclose Aadhaar or PAN (Permanent Account Number) information.


Avoid stone studded jewelry

Unlike other investment alternatives such as real estate, mutual funds, and equities, gold does not yield a consistent return unless it is invested in the government's gold monetization plan. Stone-studded jewelry is typically costly and has little resale value. You won't get the price for the stones if you sell it unless they are certified stones.



Gold Rate per Gram

Find the per gram gold price for that day before making your buy. The price of gold fluctuates from city to city, and gold rates are updated twice daily. Also, keep in mind that gold prices are determined by the quality of the metal.

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