Fashionable and Beautiful Roka Jewellery Collections

Fashionable and Beautiful Roka Jewellery Collections

Among every one of the significant choices a lady needs to make before the much anticipated day, nothing comes even close to picking wedding gems. The most important decision you'll ever have to make is between diamond jewellery and gold jewellery, as well as when to wear it, given how many options you already has. Even though both are beautiful and timeless, you must choose one that complements your outfit and personality at the same time. So, let's get started with some basic advice on when to wear gold or diamond jewellery and what to wear with it.
Occasionally, shopping for your bride's look can be overwhelming and baffling. You have to choose the jewellery as well as the outfit. After all, no one wants to look bad on their wedding day. But did you know that there is a guide on how to pair your jewellery with your outfit in the right way? Yes, we're here to help you make those bride fashion statements with the right jewellery, whether you want to wear gold or silver jewellery.

What to Wear When: Diamond Jewellery vs Gold Jewellery

When to Wear Diamond Jewellery


  • If you want to keep things simple on your wedding day,

    Every bride has her own ideas about how she wants to look. While others prefer elegant outfits with delicate jewellery and classic makeup, others prefer elaborate outfits, heavy jewellery, and dramatic makeup. If you're the latter, we recommend sticking with diamond jewellery for your dream wedding day because they tend to look more sophisticated.


  • If indo-western wedding outfits are your calling

    If you're into indo-western wedding attire, diamond jewellery is for you. If you're into indo-western attire, you'll love the unusual cuts and new age patterns. The diamond jewellery complements the fashionable patterns on your lehengas and gown without making your outfit appear overly formal.


  • If you love contemporary jewellery designs

    choosing from the plethora of options available can be extremely challenging. Therefore, you must be aware of your desired wedding jewellery. Diamond jewellery  is something you should think about wearing for your wedding functions if you want a contemporary design that is both delicate and makes a statement.


  • If light earrings are your wedding daydream

    Earrings can be a real pain for brides, especially when they have to wear heavy designs every day. So, if you're a bride who likes the idea of wearing earrings that aren't too heavy but still stand out, look no further than diamond jewellery and treat yourself to a treat.



When Should You Wear Gold Jewellery?


  • If you plan on layering multiple necklaces for the big day,

    If you like the idea of layering necklaces on your wedding day and going all-in with your wedding jewellery, we recommend gold jewellery over contemporary diamond necklace designs.

  • If Traditional Designs are Your Calling

    While we love both conventional as well as present day gems, we really do comprehend that a few ladies love picking a customary wedding look and embrace the lavishness of legacy plans. If you're a bride who feels the same way and appreciates the traditional Aad necklaces and temple jewellery, gold jewellery  should also be your choice.

  • When choosing traditional designs and fabrics, 

    Gold jewellery has a slight advantage over diamonds when it comes to traditional fabrics like Banarasi print, Patola, or even Bandhani. While both gold and diamond jewellery look great with Indian attire, gold jewellery  has a slight advantage over diamonds. They look better with your outfit than diamond jewellery  does, so gold jewellery  is the only option here.

  • In the event that striking and weighty stud configuration is your pick

    While jewel studs look lovely as well, as a rule, they can't be basically as intricate or weighty as gold hoops. So, if you're a bride who likes big, heavy earrings that draw everyone's attention to your face, go with gold jewellery designs instead of diamonds and save yourself the trouble.

Final Thoughts

While the most important question for every bride is what to wear when, do not let it influence your choice of outfit style and design. Diamond and gold jewellery work their magic on the big day. Take a look at the straightforward advice presented above to determine which method is most effective for you.