Mangalsutra Design - A Tale of Two Soul

Mangalsutra Design - A Tale of Two Soul

One of the most important ornaments for women is the mangalsutra for every woman in the Indian religion. As we have noted, the ring is an important element in American tradition for marriage and in India, the mangalsutra is an integral part of married women. It’s a Hindi word mangal means auspicious and sutra means thread, connecting soul for whole life with 7 precious promises. It symbolised the marital status of the bride and groom. It indicates the symbol of marriage and the wife is meant to wear it all her life indicating the love and commitment the husband and wife have towards each other. Mangalsutra is a statement piece of jewellery for the modern bride, nowadays designers amalgamate the traditional black and golden beads with a modern touch of mangal sutra pendant. Looking for a modern mangalsutra design for inspiration for your big day, here we are to help you.


Minimal Mangalsutra Designs

Minimalistic speaks volumes and we know that.! If you are not a fan of enormous size pendants. This Chic, minimal and elegant design goes well with all styles and outfits. Here are Sirius's beautiful spherical pendant designs which take minimalistic jewellery to a new level, you just love the way the pendant blends in so naturally with the mangalsutra beads.


Floral Diamond Mangalsutra

If you want to stay trendy, opt floral design for your mangalsutra pendant. You can’t go wrong with floral mangalsutra designs. This mangalsutra is for new-age brides who are looking for something sophisticated and graceful. Diamonds and flowers in mangalsutra go well with both Indian and Western outfits so it’s something you can wear with all occasions whether it was a festival, wedding function, get-to-gather.


Leaf Diamond Mangalsutra

 Nothing can beat nature right? Magalsutra chain design set on black and golden beads with a gold leaf design pendant. For a bride-to-be who loves nature and looking for the same essence to start her new beginning.  Check out our nature-inspired mangalsutra and it is a great choice for a bride-to-be, who are looking for the essence of nature.


Diamond Locket Mangalsutra Design

If you are a bride and looking for something unique and trendy, go with a dainty mangalsutra perfect blend of traditionality with western style. 

Long Mangalsutra Design in Gold

If you want to go by traditional wedding, a long mangalsutra design is perfect to bring the charm. This long design mangalsutra charm blends easily with your ethnic outfit's glam. 


Heart Shape Gold Mangalsutra

We all know the heart is the universal symbol of Love and emotions. What else is romantic for your vowing element is the heart. This elegant heart shape mangalsutra is idle to flaunted your love on Big day.


Infinity Design Mangalsutra

Infinity means endless. Infinity is permanent, forever everlasting, eternal and never-ending – usually with regards to love. This design mangal sutra is a good blend of occasion and feelings.If you’re looking to buy more designs for mangalsutra for your wedding or someone. Check out our amazing collection with our Sirius MMB offer.

This design mangal sutra is a good blend of occasion and feelings