All About Sirius Jewels And Lifestyle

All About Sirius Jewels And Lifestyle

We all know that Surat is known as the “Diamond City” But here we are to step out of the crowd. We provide you with crafted jewellery with certified diamonds of the highest quality. We help our customers to style it from ethnic to modern. True to its name, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky; our ornaments are flashing and scintillating. We value our shoppers, and we aim to create a valuable experience for them by wearing our designer jewels.


Here is the exciting part; we give you 100% CASHBACK on your 1st Diamond Jewellery purchase which sets us apart from other companies. It’s not just about you getting your money back; it’s about you acquiring your dream diamonds. Let me explain to you the process for availing 100% CASHBACK on your 1st purchase. It starts with you selecting your favourite piece of trinket between the range of 15,000 to 15,00,000 from our website or app. After selecting the product as per your choice you can proceed to place an order, and that will lead you to fill in your billing details. In that, you have an option to fill in your bank details for availing of a money-back offer. If you choose to fill in your bank details you will eligible to get a Sirius MMB offer. You will be able to get money back from the same date of the next month of your purchase and will be getting a monthly cashback of 1.67% of your invoice value for the next 60 months. But at no point in time, the company shall pay interest on the invoiced amount under this offer, if any. We want the people of our nation to get their dreams to come true.


Our mission is to deliver extraordinary everyday style to women, men & kids around the world, with our enduring passion for innovation and design. Our diamond is IGI and SGL certified, and gold is BIS hallmarked. We believe that “if we give respect to the society, it will come back to us with more admiration, and that’s our real value creation”. Our vision is “Money is just a by-product of Value”. We strongly feel the consumer is god, and without them we are nothing. If we make our customers happy and make them sense joy in wearing our diamond jewellery piece it’s a great achievement for us.


Apart from this we brought you a referral and earn program. This program is to allow the common people to buy their dream jewellery in their budget,  by just referring it to friends, family members, relatives; anyone they know they can refer and earn the Sirius stars. You can avail of that by downloading our app. As soon as you download the app and create your account you will receive 500 stars, and with that, you can start your diamond jewellery journey. Now you can initiate referring it to other people and if a person downloads the app and create their account you will get 250 stars. By earning these points you can purchase any jewellery you dream of. After selecting the product you can pay half the product price by using Sirius stars and the rest by money. Now if the rest of the money you paid is 15,000 or above,  then you are eligible to get cashback on that too. Isn’t it awesome, just by making other people download the app you can buy precious stones for your loved ones? We also give lifetime buyback and lifetime exchange on our jewellery.


Diamond jewellery is a dream for many people and here we are to fulfil those dreams and give them lifetime happiness. We believe that ornaments are the best way to communicate. It plays a key role in displaying your inner emotions. It helps you restore your memories and stitch up your relationships. We want to assist people to make the right choice in selecting treasure. We feel that ornament represents your inner personality and also shows your strong identity. We want as many people to know about SiriusJewels so that we can be at their service to give them what they have been waiting for their whole life. Wearing regalia is a way of conveying a short little memory of the owner. Jewellery is meant to be shown and flaunted to everyone in that room. Just like how raw gold and unpolished diamonds are transformed into shining gold and bright diamonds. The same way jewellery does to people; it transforms individual personality into an elegant personality, dull clothing to attractive clothing, a raw gathering to bright evening. It does not only affect the individual life but also mends things between two people or families. A piece of treasure that was given to the wife, daughter, or mother always enhances your relationship with them. It reveals the unrevealed feelings and emotions, helps to show how much you care and want to protect your beloved ones. In short, it is the best tool to communicate, show, reflect and refract everybody’s story.

Sirius Jewels 100 Cashback On Diamond Jewelry