Ways to style your minimalistic diamond pendants

Ways to style your minimalistic diamond pendants

Pendent is the most lovable jewellery in ladies' treasure because of its versatile and enthral feature enhancing the grace of the lasses neck. They can be worn during casual routine life as well as on special occasions. Heart shaped pendant, fancy to amulet pendant in gold chain enhances the elegance of women's adornment. We, the Sirius crafted diamonds pendant for women which are a captivating and dazzling pattern and designs of the locket. Choose a real diamond pendant, a blend of fine gold and diamond with the latest designs. The best part of the pendant is that it can be worn with any outfit on any occasion, raising your fashion statement.

At Lovey-dovey Occasion

Fashion and love are the same sides of a coin, both are parallel with each other. From going on dates to valentine to the anniversary is an on-going occasion throughout the year. Diamond and pendant both in one make occasion mementoes. Every girl wants to look like a diva when she is on a date with her beloved, gold–Diamond pendants like adding feathers in the cap. Sirius Jewels charming diamond pendant collection for you to choose from heart shape pendant design, infinity pendant design, Infinity Heart Diamond Pendant, Spherical Heart Diamond Pendant, I love you pendant, Hanging Twins Diamond Heart Pendant is designed for diamond, which goes well with your occasion and outfits. If you are planning to give a gift to your lady love on special or of occasions these designs showcase your affection and passion through this hanging jewellery.

Elegant and Enlightened Office Wear Pendant Sets

Why make weekdays boring when it can be interesting and fashionable with affixing a minimal sophisticated diamond teardrop in your dressing. It can be understood that jewellery should not be flashy and heavy which pops in the eyes and distracts from focus. Our pompous diamond pendant assembles raised your chic style at the workplace. Our ceremonial subtle collection - Milky Bar Diamond Pendant, Bar Pattern Diamond Pendant, Hourglass Diamond Pendant, Mission Mend Diamond Pendant, Paisley Pattern Diamond Pendant etc. are a unique amalgamation of esteem and vogue, go well with formal attire. 

Stylish-Bold Casual and Party-wear Pendant set

Get-to-gather or any casual occasion has fun and relaxing, stylish and bold design pendant set to complement your look as well as the occasion. These designs grab all eyes and hearts on it. Our classic and conspicuous collections are ready to steal all hearts in crowd. Our glam cum vogue collections are Paisley La Flora Diamond Pendant, Twine Sign Diamond Pendant, Stable Style Gold Diamond Pendant, WindMill Diamond Pendant which are a blend of diamond and gold which suits your wear and juncture.

Festive wear Diamond pendant

India is a land of festivals and women get a chance numerous times to flaunt their style, exhibit their fashion and why should not? A pendant is the perfect element to elevate and compliment the women’s look. The diamond pendant works extremely well with ethnic wear like saree, lehenga choli, salwar kameez and Dhoti kurta and western wear. Pair it with rings, bangles or bracelets to cover up the final touch of glamour. Explore Latest Sirius Jewel's festive collection here. 
Shop Sirius jewels exclusive collection online for all occasions with 100% cashback on the diamond pendant, prefixing the grace and making moments live with a diamond pendant.

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