5 Trending Design of Diamond Rings

5 Trending Design of Diamond Rings

Let’s have a Look at Some of the Latest and trending Engagement Diamond Rings Designs of Sirius Jewels.

Trying a knot with the one you love is one of the most precious and special moments with joy, fulfilment, excitement, and hope. And, understandably, you want to create such a special occasion for something special and memorable. 
You are dreaming of your special moment when your man gives you a commitment or promise by exchanging a ring with your dream ring design. How amazing Nah? Here are some Glimpse of Trending engagement ring designs.


Round Shaped Diamond Ring

Is she fascinated with the fascination of a dazzling, shimmering and glittering ring? The round shape is a classic for a reason, it represents classy and elegance. A circular cut requires expertise and accuracy to get good shine and brightness! A traditional symmetrical spherical shape, with the diamond sitting on top of a crown and a sleek and beautiful yellow-gold shank, can never go wrong. If you want something a bit different, try a ring with a twist, like this beauty who will fit in her finger!

Trio Oval Design Diamond Ring

Oval diamond engagement rings are nowadays quite popular among brides-to-be all around the world. This is not surprising given that the oval diamond offers everything a female might desire in a design, its simplicity and accentuate pattern make her unique style statement – it’s traditional, elegant, and offers delicacy and a bit distinctive is ideal for a woman who wishes to stay simple yet trending. Oval-cut diamonds look stunning with a round shank and white gold. This minimalistic design is a refreshing change from the typical circular dazzling diamonds.

Floral Braid Gold Diamond Ring

While diamonds and rings come in a variety of shapes, designs, patterns and sizes, higher-quality diamonds are defined by their clarity rather than their carat weight. Get down on one knee with a show-stopping ring design that shines brightly like no other!
A floral ring is made out of small petals with round cut diamonds that surround the middle of the petals, making it appear larger and adding extra shine.
 A stunning traditional floral ring in rose design oozes beauty and refinement of nature for the woman who appreciates a bit of additional sparkle without going crazy. The diamond rings sizes offer visual variety and individuality, making it ideal for the girl with an elegant confidence. 

A Ring with Side Stones

Looking for an alternative to the traditional, cluster diamond engagement rings are perfect for your event. Take a look at a ring cluster of diamonds on top with side stones. Certain variations, like the three-stone engagement ring, are popular among people who feel it represents the past, present, and future of your love. Side stones provide more sparkle to your shank without the expense of a huge precious stone. They also look astonishing on delicate fingertips. A gorgeous three-stone ring with splendid round-cut diamonds draws attention without being overpowering.

Heart-Shaped Rings

Nothing screams “I love you” like a heart-shaped diamond ring! This immaculate heart shape, a one-of-a-kind cluster or arrangement of diamonds, is a lovely way to let her realise she has your heart. The heart-shaped diamond ring is a one-of-a-kind and undeniably romantic emblem. Heart-shaped rings are quite popular in couples. 
Because the two parts of the heart must be similar, symmetry is a highly significant feature to look for when purchasing a heart. Heart-shaped rings are available in a range of shapes, ranging from slender to thick. 

Vintage Style Rings

Vintage designs are normally a bit expensive and require more care. Nowadays, it is a relatively easy and affordable choice to buy vintage style engagement rings for your soul mate. Vintage-style rings, being one of the best selling engagement rings designs, can provide your woman with authentic vintage charm. A marquise-cut diamond will add a touch of regal French flair to your jewellery. The round-cut diamond is a timeless choice for engagement, something that is elegant but subtle.
It's a special occasion or moment when you buy a rare lustre for your beloved. 


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