A Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Diamond Ring For Women

A Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Diamond Ring For Women

Purchase the Perfect Engaging Diamond Ring For Your Woman

An engagement for most of us is a dream come true. An occasion where we start a new journey with our partner. A new journey that comes with lots of excitement, surprises, celebrations, and a pinch of overwhelmingness. Overwhelmingness of perfection, meeting our partner’s expectations and trying to fulfill their every dream. One such overwhelming element of the nuptial is the wedding ring, isn’t it? Don’t worry! We have got something just in the store for you: a complete guide to buying your woman the perfect wedding diamond ring.

Have a Budget for your diamond engagement ring

You need not spend a huge chunk of your savings or your wedding budget on your engagement ring. Yes, we have heard the rumors and suggestions too. Relatives asked us too to spend our three months’ salary buying the engagement diamond ring, But remember, marriage is your and your partner’s intimate decision. It’s up to you two to determine the budget for your engagement ring. Analyze your financial situation while keeping in mind your to-be fiance’s specific desire.


Don’t do it alone

Engagement ring shopping can be daunting—get by with your mutual friends’ help. Ping your partner’s closest folks- her friends, family, and cousins,Because guess what? 9 out of 10 times, your future fiance might already have an idea of how she desires her ring to look. And, 10 out of 10 times, she must have spilled it out about her dream wedding ring to her close ones.


Don’t be afraid to follow your guts in selecting a unique ring

Millennials want their purchases to feel special. Women today want the ambience of the ring to match their own. They are increasingly choosing personal, distinctive, and unanticipated options over diamonds and conventional settings, So, don’t shy away from seeking out diamond rings items that are neither simple, dull, or predictable but rather feel fashionable, timeless, and contemporary. And we just got the picture-perfect & dreamy collection for you!


Know the size

Imagine getting a ring that’s the utmost beautiful and matches just right with your partner’s expectations. Splendid, right? But, just when you propose to her and she says yes. Damn, the ring doesn’t fit her finger. Don’t be a noob at the engagement game, While you can resize the ring, the process may take days to weeks. Figure it out ahead of time by measuring another ring from her jewellery collection. Or, again, just ask her sibling, parent, or best friend! They always know more than you think.


Know the 4Cs

Diamond 4cs

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Now, finally, when you have put all the aesthetic pieces together, let’s take a quick look at the quality aspects of your ideal diamond ring, The 4Cs, developed by GIA, serve as the benchmark for evaluating diamond quality worldwide and enable side-by-side comparisons.


The 4Cs are, in short

Color: Diamonds are graded according to their color on a scale from D to Z, with D denoting perfect colorlessness and Z denoting a diamond with a mild yellow or brown tinge. Less-colored diamonds are more uncommon and in greater demand in this hue spectrum.


Clarity: Inclusions and blemishes are surface imperfections and internal characteristics, respectively, that are absent from a diamond’s interior. A scale from immaculate to included is used to assess clarity.


Cut: A diamond’s cut quality impacts how effectively it interacts with light. The brightness (or brilliance), scintillation (or sparkle), and fire of a diamond are determined by its dimensions, symmetry, and polish (flashes of color).

Carat Weight: The carat weight of a diamond influences its perceived size. If the other Cs are equivalent, the bigger the carat weight, the rarer and more costly the diamond.

Pick a reputable jeweller

At last, get yourself a trustworthy jeweller. Your jeweller should be knowledgeable and receptive to queries. They need to be able to explain how to buy a diamond in clear, basic terms.

A knowledgeable jeweller can show the differences between seemingly identical gems as your personal diamond-buying consultant. They will advise you to compare the number of diamonds available within your price range. Yes, you can have multiple diamonds in your wedding ring. And don’t forget to check out our mesmerizing collection of multiple diamond studded rings!


Make sure to get the proper certificate

A GIA report offers a thorough, impartial, scientific evaluation of your diamond’s 4Cs. This document confirms that the diamond you purchased has the qualities (such as cut quality, colour, clarity, and carat weight) that have been advertised. Every submitted diamond is put through GIA testing to determine its identity as a diamond and whether it has undergone any treatments. The diamond is fully described in GIA reports, including its colour, weight, dimensions, and cutting style. Any known treatments are also disclosed.

VOILÀ, it’s done! Finally, you have the most beautiful and special diamond engagement ring for your woman in your hand. The ring that genuinely deserves her.