How to buy a diamond engagement ring?

How to buy a diamond engagement ring?

If you absolutely love diamonds then you should also know that there are certain parameters for selecting some of the finest quality diamonds in the world. Only the best diamantaire will guide you and give you value for your money. So before you buy consult our experts and they will make your journey of owning the best quality diamonds which are engraved on engagement rings worth the effort.
So go online and shop from the comforts of your home along with your family members but, before you plunge into your shopping experience, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, so let’s walk you through some useful hacks and tips before selecting your prized possession and enjoy the journey. Right!


The Perfect Diamond Cut

When mined diamonds are uncut and unpolished carbon stones, but under the expert eyes of a diamantaire it goes through a rigorous process of cleaning cutting and polishing. Do not settle for anything less than a perfectly cut diamond. Try on several rings and test the brilliance and the craftsmanship of the diamond. You want the best for your engagement so don’t go for anything mediocre. Choose from a wide variety of styles and designs on display and go for the best. A well cut diamond will allow light to pass through it and make it dazzle brightly. 

William Diamond Stackable Ring


Clarity Redefined 

Clarity is an important element of a diamond, as it affects the rarity and also determines the true price of a diamond. The grading scale depends on the rarity of a diamond. If a diamond is without any flaw it is the most expensive stone. So the higher the carat that you choose for your ring the more expensive will it be. But rest assured we have a lot of reasonably priced and affordable options to choose from a wide variety of rings from our large and exquisite collection. We also offer you cashback guarantees on every purchase of ring that you make. So make the wisest choice today. 

The Royal Queen Diamond Ring     The King Crown Diamond Couple Ring


Measuring the Carat Weight

Carat is the measurement used for diamonds. An experienced diamantaire can help you choose the right diamond with the perfect carat. If the carat is high then the price of the engagement rings will also be high. Diamond rings with 14-18 carats will be the right choice for your rings. So go online and find the perfect ring that suits your budget and is pocket friendly.

Designer Diamond Ring In Gold


Dazzling Finesse with Colour

Diamonds are found deep inside the earth’s crust in mostly icy white colorless to light yellow colour. However there are coloured gemstones which are found in all the colours of the rainbow namely yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, amethyst, ruby, emeralds, garnet and many other types of gemstones. Diamonds are available in D and Z grades out of which D grades are the most expensive. Choose from a wide variety of engagement rings on display and choose the one that best suits your personality. Go online and select gorgeously designed and reasonably priced affordable rings that look really stunning and classy.

Diamond Ring With Blue Colour Stone 

Metal Matters

The metal that you use for your diamond ring is important. There are an assortment of metals available from simple gold, white and rose gold. Designing an engagement ring with the perfect metal will not only suit your personality but will also give your ring an elevated look. So make sure you choose the right metal for your engagement rings. Reasonably priced and affordable these rings are worth all your effort and hard-earned money. Our experts help you make effortless choices by showcasing some of our finely crafted pieces from our large collection of exquisitely designed and handcrafted rings using the finest metals. The choice is simply yours.

Ovary Design Diamond Ring


Certification – An Important Game changer

A diamond’s grading certification is based on its grading report. Once your diamond has undergone the valuing process or the 5C’s then a certification is issued by the diamantaire which certifies the engagement rings diamond authenticity. If you want the finest quality diamonds then make sure you also ask for its certification. 

If you love diamonds you will want the best, so be sure to go through the valuing process by using the 5C’s for selecting the best engagement rings, Only an expert diamantaire will guide you through this process. A real and an authentic diamond is definitely a game changer as you flaunt the best and be a proud owner of a precious piece of jewellery.