Innovative ways to secretly get your partner’s ring size

Innovative ways to secretly get your partner’s ring size

Surprising proposals come with their difficulties and determining one’s ring size without the other person knowing it is a big task. Diamonds are not for proposals purpose only it can be given as gifts, a token of love, an anniversary, a birthday gift, and valuing friendship. As you know diamonds are a girl’s best friend as they sense joy wearing them and feel pampered. Getting the right size diamond ring not only makes your beloved happy it assures her that you know her better in every aspect. There is no sure way to get your partner’s ring size but there are a few ways in which can get a hint or a fact. Different ways work differently for everybody so getting an accurate sizing is through utilizing every method. 


Few facts about ring and ring finger

There is a good fact that wider rings fit tighter on the finger, so make sure that you take the exact size ring and use it so that it doesn’t mess up later. Our dominant hands are different in size by little from our non-dominant hands. Better to know this fact before taking the measurements. Let me tell standards for men and women both. The standard size for men is 17-23 and for women, it is 8-14. With the help of this basic knowledge, we hope that you can get the right size. 





    The best way is to get a spare ring from your beloved’s jewelry box. Make sure you see the occasion beforehand and don’t have to rush things later. Set a situation in which you don’t get caught and can use the ring to give it to SiriusJewels. Choose the most unused ring but do make sure that it fits her well so that you can get more spare time to use it as a sample and don’t have to return it or reveal your identity. 



    There is always one friend that is closer to your beloved one than you. To use that one friend the most is to take help of him/her by asking to talk to your loved one indirectly or if she already knows about the size. They can even get the sample ring from your loved one by using some excuse. They can even take them to shop and in that way, they can get a sample ring size or get an actual ring size. It’s better to choose that person who can act like nothing and smoothly ask for size.



    This is another great way to get ring size. It is a bit weird but here you can be a benefit if your beloved one doesn’t feel anything while she is sleeping. You can get a thread and can wrap it around her ring finger. Then you can mark the size on the thread and after that, you can take that to the SiriusJewels and with the help of them, you can get your ring for the surprise proposal. 



    This strategy is not much accurate because in these you can’t get proper facts about the size. Still, you can compare your hands with your loved one hands. You can notice things like if your hand is shorter, bigger, or of the same size. Through this, you can write up your facts and with the help of that, you can make an educated guess and use them later. You can even try on her rings and see if they fit your measured ring finger. 



    You can try this method if you are in fear of losing her sample ring. You can choose one ring that is easily traceable and put it on tracing paper. Trace that ring by making the outer line and inner line of the ring. Do make sure that your hand is steady and doesn’t move at all otherwise it will not generate correct facts and size. Any movement will mislead you and will make the whole attempt waste. Make sure that you get the correct diameter or else will not lead to the correct ring size. You can take that paper and come to SiriusJewels for further process.



    The last one is taking their favorite ring to SiriusJewels. If you take their most worn ring it will help you immensely, as it will give you proper sizing. Just make sure you don’t get noticed as Jewellery missing from her Jewellery box will make her doubt more. Getting the ring accurately designed will make her feel good. Here’s a tip that first gets your basic fact right about which is her dominant hand because the dominant hand is slightly bigger than the non-dominant hand.  SiriusJewels strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as pure as your name, your fingerprints, your voice waves, or anything that describes your persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by your special beloved one, get in touch with us. We believe in reflecting on your story and creating memories through our Jewellery piece.