Simple But Elegant Design Diamond Mangalsutra Simple But Elegant Design Diamond Mangalsutra

Rs. 29084 Rs. 34303
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New Diamond Mangalsutra Design For Ladies New Diamond Mangalsutra Design For Ladies

Rs. 30604 Rs. 36225
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Amirah Round Diamond Mangalsutra Amirah Round Diamond Mangalsutra

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Keya Round Diamond Mangalsutra Keya Round Diamond Mangalsutra

Rs. 30496 Rs. 35985
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Estaa Diamond Mangalsutra For Her Estaa Diamond Mangalsutra For Her

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Mangalsutra- A Sacred Bond Binding Hearts and Traditions at Sirius Jewels! 

According to Indian tradition, every Hindu woman when she gets married has to wear a mangalsutra, which is not only a symbol of love and commitment but also that she is now a married woman. At Sirius Jewels, we strive and do our best to make every woman feel special by showcasing a wide variety of mangalsutras with chain, a diamond pendant in a mangalsutra chain, a classy and elegant-looking Tanmaniya mangalsutra. We also have a large collection of diamonds mangalsutras for women who like simple but classy jewellery. For women who like gold mangalsutras then our collection is sure to impress you. Those looking for something classy and stunning in white gold mangalsutras then our wide collection is something that you should explore.Women who want to try rose gold mangalsutras then visit our store or go online at Buying a mangalsutra with a fixed budget is a good idea because we have a large collection of 14 Karat mangalsutras to suit your tastes and preferences. Our 18 Karat mangalsutras will make heads turn as you flaunt them daily or wear them for office. For all your diamond jewellery shopping needs visit our store at Sirius Jewels.


Mangalsutra with Chain

An eternal bond bound by a chain – a symbol of true love in Indian marriages. These mangalsutras with chains are intricately woven with a diamond pendant to give a woman the beauty and symbol of a married life.

Mangalsutra Chain

If you are looking for something glamorous and classy, these mangalsutra chains will make you look stunning in your bridal attire on your wedding day or wear these mangalsutra chains daily or for office wear, you are sure to make heads turn. 

Tanmaniya Mangalsutra

Wear a classy Tanmaniya Mangalsutra that will bring peace and prosperity to the family. A simple pendant attached to a string of tiny black beads makes these mangalsutra look gorgeous. Make one of these mangalsutra your own and be a proud owner. 

Diamond Mangalsutra

Add that extra sparkle to your mangalsutra collection by shopping for a diamond mangalsutra at our Sirius Jewels store. Choose from our wide collection of intricately crafted diamond pendants that will make you look classy and stunning. Add a dash of class and elegance to your jewellery collection.  

Gold Mangalsutra

We have a wide collection of gold mangalsutras on display at our store. Choose the most beautiful gold mangalsutra that will add a dash of confidence to your personality. Add one of these beautiful pieces to your jewellery collection. 

White Gold Mangalsutra

Women like white gold that makes them look classy and understated. We have a wide range of white gold mangalsutras to suit your tastes and styles, so choose from the best and add them to your jewellery collection. 

Rose Gold Mangalsutra

Rose gold is a classy yet understated metal popular with girls and women of all ages. At Sirius Jewels, we have intricately crafted rose gold mangalsutras that suit your tastes and preferences. Add one of these exquisite pieces to your jewellery collection. 

14 Karat Mangalsutra

For our budget-conscious  lady shoppers, we have 14 Karat mangalsutras that look classy and stunning in every formal wear. You can wear these mangalsutras as daily wear or use them for office and you are sure to make heads turn. Simply add one of these to your jewellery collection. You’ll be happy you made the right choice. 

18 Karat Mangalsutra

Finely crafted pieces engraved with tiny diamonds, these 18 Karat mangalsutras are a big hit with young women and also girls who want to wear these for office or while attending a function, a party or an event.

Preserving and protecting the beauty and sanctity of the mangalsutra - a piece of jewellery which is time-tested by culture and tradition, we at Sirius Jewels value every woman who carries the legacy of this sacred tradition forward. Our wide range of mangalsutras in gold, white and rose gold are popular with our loyal clients as they keep coming back to us for more.  Visit our showroom or shop.