How to take care of your Jewellery -  Jewelry Care

How to take care of your Jewellery - Jewelry Care

Jewellery is often seen as an investment, but a great sentimental value is attached. Thus, it is important to take care of your jewellery to make sure they outstand for years to come. 
People admire wearing jewellery but most, don’t know how to take care of it. Different jewellery piece requires different a method of cleaning. Even the finest diamonds become dull without proper maintenance, with proper cleaning and care they can last generations. 
Whether you are trying to clean a diamond engagement ring, a cherished silver necklace or a gold bracelet, follow our guide and take care of your jewellery with confidence.

Use wipes for cleaning

When you remove the jewellery at the end of the day, wipe it with wipes or a soft cloth to remove any dirt or oils. To store jewels you can use a fabric-lined case instead of keeping those items on the nightstand or putting them in a drawer. If your only option is to store them in a drawer, wrap each of them in a piece of soft tissue or paper. This way you can keep jewellery from getting in touch with any dirt or your wooden platform. 
Wearing jewellery all day long may collect some dirt on it. Cleaning diamond earrings or other jewellery with wipes can remove dirt,- so that it will not stay for a longer period. The longer the time dust stays on jewellery, the more likely it will get tarnished.

Staying away from chemicals- perfume, hot water and makeup

Purchasing jewellery online is an easy task but it’s hard to keep up with the brightness and shine of diamond jewellery all the time. People always forget to remove their jewellery while taking a bath or putting on makeup. These chemicals can severely damage the polish of jewellery and can discolour the jewellery piece. Spraying even a little bit of perfume on jewellery can deteriorate its worth and leave a stain on it as well. Even your body sweat or oil that is released from your body can dull the shine of your jewellery. Recalling these points while wearing jewellery can help you hold on to your dream diamonds for a longer time.

Harsh weather- sunlight

As summer is right around the corner, keeping your jewellery safe during warmer weather brings a host of unique challenges. The sun can bleach away certain materials, especially naïve elements and some plastics. Most diamonds are formed as a result of pressure and heat. Some are then heat-treated to produce certain colours or change the structure, so excessive heat can change the stone you bought into something else entirely. Sudden temperature changes can also cause some diamonds to fracture. Continued exposure to light over time can have negative effects on the durability and colour of some diamonds. Proper storage will keep your jewellery safe from the sun’s rays.

Cotton buds for intricate details of the jewellery

The best way to clean all your jewellery is in warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft brush. Avoid harsh compounds like chlorine bleach; this solvent can damage gold bracelets or silver rings. Using cotton buds for small intricate details of diamond studs or pendants can help clean small filth stuck between the sections. For delicate jewellery using soft cotton can help save the polish and will not break the graceful design of pendant gold or diamond jewellery. 

Different methods for different a type of jewellery

For jewellery you only wear once in a while, proper storage is the key. Moisture that is left on the jewellery can also speed up the tarnishing process, so make sure your pieces are clean and dry when you store them away from inboxes. Ideally, each piece of jewellery has its box, but if you need to keep multiple pieces together in a jewellery box, lay them out so they aren’t touching, and chains won’t get tangled. Organising ornaments in that way will help you retain them for a long time and when you take them out to wear them, they’ll still look as good as new ones. There is a different process for every piece of jewellery so it does make sense that every piece of jewellery requires a different way of cleaning.