Fine jewelry is a financial as well as an emotional engagement. Taking proper care of your diamond, gemstone, and pearl jewelry will further preserve them from looking fantastic, but will also ensure that they survive for generations.

Care for your jewelry regularly to extend its life

If you wear your jewelry every day, you will almost certainly face wear and tear. Following a few easy actions can help you extend the life of your beautiful jewelry:

  1. Before bathing or using grooming products, remove any jewelry. Chemicals in many cosmetics, lotions, hairsprays, and fragrances can harm gemstones and jewelry.
  2. Take off your jewelry before doing any housework, doing the dishes, or going into a pool or spa. Color changes and structural damage to your jewelry can be caused by exposure to some widely used chemicals.
  3. Take off your jewelry before engaging in any strenuous exercise. Avoid striking, scratching, or rubbing your jewelry against furniture, walls, or other hard surfaces.
  4. When it comes to chains and bracelets, don't pull, tug, or chew on them. Any form of pulling or pressure can put stress on the metal, causing it to expand or weaken, or even shatter clasps.

Basic Jewelry Care

All exquisite jewelry requires special attention. While some items may require special attention, most jewelry may be cared for using the right procedure:

  • Heat and light -: Just as the sun brings down the skin, certain gemstones may be damaged by heat and light. Amethyst and topaz can be faded or damaged by too much sunshine. If exposed to too much sunlight, pearls can fade and peel. Other gems, such as opal, can discolor when exposed to too much light. To eliminate any questions, keep your valuables in a dark purse or container.
  • Chemicals -: Metals and gemstones can be harmed by simple home chemicals such as ammonia or bleach. Hairspray, perfumes, and lotions, for example, can corrode metals and dull jewels. Put on any fragrances, lotions, or hairspray before putting on your jewelry to keep it looking new. Furthermore, beautiful jewelry should always be removed before swimming or using any form of home cleanser.
  • Treated Gemstones -: Today, many jewels have been treated, and these gemstones require extra attention. At the time of purchase, all treatments should be declared. Heat, steam, or ultrasonic cleaners, as well as some chemicals, can harm treated diamonds. To keep your treated gemstone jewelry looking dazzling, follow your jeweler's recommendations.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners -: While ultrasonic cleaners are excellent for cleaning metals, diamonds, and certain gemstones, they should not be used for cleaning precious stones.