Bracelets of Beauty and Timeless Elegance at Sirius Jewels

Bracelets, a beautiful piece of jewellery that adorns the wrists of women have been worn since olden times. Some bracelets were worn for beauty while some were adorned for good luck and prosperity. At Sirius Jewels,these delightful circles are designed for men, women and children for fashion and wearing new trends in jewellery that are in vogue. Our wide range of bracelets that are on display at our showroom showcase the best in designs and patterns using gold, white and rose gold. Choose from a wide collection of chain bracelets that will adorn your wrists making you look elegant. 

We have mangalsutra bracelets that are absolute trendsetters in fashion jewellery, oval bracelets are a hit with young women and college-going girls. Our segment for women’s bracelets is a hit with ladies who are exploring new designs and trends. Our men’s bracelets are popular with men who like to sport jewellery and are comfortable wearing bracelets to the office. Children also love to wear jewellery and what a beautiful way of expressing our love to them by gifting them with kid’s braceletson their birthdays and saying ‘’I Love You’’. 

Our dazzling segment of gold bracelets, diamond bracelets, white gold bracelets and rose gold bracelets on display will leave you spellbound and awestruck. If you are a budget-conscious shopper then we have some of the most intricately designed bracelets in 14 Karat Bracelets that will leave you speechless. Go for our 18 Karat Bracelets that are a hit with young women and office-going girls who like to wear real jewellery daily. 

Chain Bracelets

Sport a chain bracelet for a special occasion or an office event and you are sure to enjoy the party. Wear them everywhere even for an office picnic and you are sure to rock. 

Mangalsutra Bracelets

This new trend-setting bracelet looks like a traditional mangalsutra ready to be worn around your wrist. Choose the best mangalsutra bracelet that will make you look charming and elegant. 

Oval Bracelets

Intricately carved and engraved with tiny diamonds these oval bracelets are the latest trendsetters in fashion jewellery. Include one of these exquisite items with your jewellery collection. 

Women’s Bracelets

Trendy and stylish these women’s bracelets are a hit with women and young girls who like to explore stylish designs and patterns. Gift yourself a memory of a lifetime. 

Men’s Bracelets

We also cater to men who like to wear bracelets that make them look smart and confident. Designed for the modern man of today these men’s bracelets can also be worn for office. 

Kid’s Bracelets

A beautiful way to say ‘’I Love You’’ to your child is by gifting them with a kid’s bracelet on a special occasion. Gift your child a lifetime of experience. 

Gold Bracelets

For women who like the glitter of gold, we have exquisitely designed gold bracelets that will fit lightly and elegantly on your wrist. Wear them for a family function or an office party. 

Diamond Bracelets

Our wide range of intricately carved diamond bracelets will you speechless and awestruck. Choose from a wide variety of stunningly designed bracelets and add them to your jewellery collection. 

White Gold Bracelets

For women who love white gold, we have a wide range of exquisitely carved white gold bracelets to choose from. Wear them with a pair of jeans and a party top and you will look smart and confident. 

Rose Gold Bracelets

Rose Gold is a pretty metal and a bracelet made of this metal with tiny diamonds engraved on it will make it look stunning and classy. Choose a rose gold bracelet for your elegant wrists. Pair them with a formal dress or wear them with a designer saree and you are sure to make heads turn. 

14 Karat Bracelets

For all the budget-conscious ladies who like to wear elegantly designed 14 Karat bracelets that will fit their budget. 

18 Karat Bracelets

Designed with expert craftsmanship these 18 Karat bracelets will not only fit your budget but will also make you look classy and elegant. Add one of these to your wonderful jewellery collection and it will make you happy. 

Bracelets are a craze with jewellery lovers all over the world and we at Sirius Jewels are committed to creating the best signature pieces that leave you spellbound and awestruck. If you love fine jewellery these exquisitely carved pieces are sure to make you fall in love with them. Our designs and patterns are loved by our clients from all over the world and they return to us for more. Visit our showroom for an out-of-the-world shopping experience as we take you on a journey of wonderful experiences or if you want to shop from the comforts of your home then visit our store online at