SiriusJewels and Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. Is a private limited company registered under the company Act 2013, in India having its registered office in Surat City, Gujarat.

SiriusJewels, is the upscale Virtual Diamond Jewelry Brand focusing on providing Unique and Quality Finish Diamond Jewelry through its Official Website. Our product line fits nicely with trends nationwide –as individuals are seeking stylish lifestyle complimented by rare treasure of nature.

Based in the ‘Diamond City’ Surat, we craft jewellery with certified diamonds of the highest quality. Sirius jewels motive is to introduce the diamonds jewellery from ethnic to modern. We provide the most suitable luxury jewellery according to your budget without compromise and to make your occasion special and memorable. Our diamonds are cut and polished with exacting precision to create jewellery with designs that exhibit unrivaled symmetry and complexity. True to its name, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky; our ornaments are flashing and scintillating.


“Money is just a by-product of Value”

There are mainly two types of entrepreneurs or businesses, one is profit-driven, and the second is value-driven. And in this separation, we are at SiriusJewels and lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. always stands for the value first. We are not saying that money making is not in our focus, it is there too because without funds no one can run business effectively. But our inner instinct is always believes in ‘Value Creation.”

To create value not just for our business but also for the all stakeholders who are engaged with us in any way including our national society. We here at SiriusJewels and lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. conducting our business in such a way that our society get benefits like 1) Employment generation, 2) Sale value products without any deceit, 3) Provide best support to the business partners to grow more, 4) Use of best & latest technologies in every process to get the best possible outcomes, 5) Best in segment customer service for their lifetime experience, and many more. We believes that “if we gives respect to the society, it will come-back to us with more admiration and that’s our real value creation.”


Your jewellery is an expression of who you are. It honors the occasion it is created for. We at Sirius Jewels understand your vision, budget and personal aesthetics to create an exquisite piece of fine jewellery for you to treasure always. Our mission is to deliver extraordinary everyday style to women, men & kids around the world, with our enduring passion for innovation and design, and become one of the world’s premium jewellery and accessory brands. It is an honor for us to be a part of the special moments of your life, now and in generations to come.

The company has plan to establish its showrooms in every state of India through its unique franchisee module in upcoming seven years. Further, the company is in planning phase to foot forward into foreign market and for this research is continue.


Our passion for creating beautiful, modern Diamond Jewellery with Natural Diamonds and Gemstones, the SiriusJewels delivers the value that every Diamond Jewelry buyer would like to see in his/her purchase –these being, Cost, Compensation and Convenience.

These are our 3 C's of our core business values.

Our Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery are certified from IGI (International Gemmological Institute).