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Terms & Conditions

SiriusJewels and Lifestyles Private Ltd run the website Surat, Gujarat, is where the firm is registered.


100% Cashback on Sirius MMB offer

  1. This deal applies only to your first purchase. Only computer-generated tax invoices are eligible for the offer.
  2. The offer of 100% Cashback is valid for the first purchase between 15,000 INR and 15,00,000 INR (Ex. GST).
  3. To take advantage of the Sirius MMB offer, clients must guarantee that an invoice (original or computer produced) is presented with the goods/diamonds at all times. Only the consumers whose invoices are created will be entertained by the company.
  4. The firm will return just the value of products acquired under this offer (Sirius MMB offer) in five years via Equal Monthly Payment sent directly in the bank account specified by the registered client as per computer produced bill from the same date of the next month.
  5. For the following 60 months, you will receive a 1.67 percent payback on your invoice value.
  6. Under the Sirius MMB offer, for the return of Equal Monthly Payments. Details of the customer's bank account must be provided (Bank Account Number, IFSC Code and The Account name).
  7. The firm will never pay interest on the invoiced amount under this offer, if any, at any time.
  8. If a coupon, discount, Sirius Stars, or promo code was used during the first transaction, the Cashback amount will be reduced by the amount of the coupon, discount, Sirius Stars, or promo codes, as applicable.
  9. If the client takes advantage of the Lifetime Buyback Offer (LTB offer) or the Lifetime Exchange Offer within the five-year period, the customer will not be eligible for the Sirius MMB Offer after the Settlement.
  10. If the customer chooses the Lifetime Buyback (LTB) or Lifetime Exchange (LTE) offer, there will be no deductions from the customer's first purchase under the Sirius MMB offer. The Cashback obtained by the consumer will not reduce the LTB or LTE value.
  11. Making costs and GST tax will be deducted as per invoice in the event of Lifetime Buyback Offer (LTB offer) or Lifetime Exchange Offer (LTE offer).
  12. Company retains the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time.
  13. This cashback offer is part of our sales promotion effort with the goal of providing a benefit to our early customers, and it is supplied without charge.
  14. Only the courts of Surat would have jurisdiction over any issues.
  15. If the Cashback is 20,000 Rs. or more in a Financial year there will be a 10% TDS Deduction. Customers can Claim the Deducted Cashback by Filling out a Tax Return. There is no this Circular is in Effect from 01 July 2022 Onwards.
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Using of Terms

As a customer, you agree to thoroughly read the terms and conditions before using the website, including any transactions such as returns, deliveries, and payments.

This Website may not be used if you do not agree to the Terms of Service. By using this Website, you expressly agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Statement (which is hereby incorporated by reference herein). These terms of service, as well as the conditions of use of this website, are legally binding. Both users who visit the Website but do not conduct business on it ("Users / Guests") and users who register with the Website to transact business on it ("Users / Guests") are subject to these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy ("Members"). The Company maintains the right, without notice or responsibility to you or any other party, to alter or discontinue any component of the Website or the Services supplied by the Company. You are responsible for reading these Terms of Use on a regular basis to stay informed of any changes. Nothing in these Terms of Service should be interpreted as granting any rights to third parties. You affirm that you are at least 18 years old by accessing this website.

Without the consent of SiriusJewels and Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd, any use of this website or its contents, including copying or storing it in whole or part, is forbidden.



(Our top goal is to keep your information private)

Your information is collected, stored, processed, and used in accordance with the policy. You consent to SiriusJewels collecting and using the information you reveal on the website in line with SiriusJewels' Privacy Policy by using the website and/or supplying your information. Please read Sirius's Privacy Statement.

This website provides access to diamonds, precious jewels, and jewellery trade, pricing, news, and other information services. Members only have access to some services on this website. Please keep in mind that some of the provisions in these Terms of Service are subject to change.

This website provides services for purchasing diamonds and jewellery for personal use, including personalised and ready-to-wear jewellery. The website features diamonds and gemstones that are suggested for investment purposes. The website will also include the advice of a certified diamond adviser, as well as a list of investment-grade diamonds and suggestions for smart purchases. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage experienced by Members who rely on the consultant's recommendations under any circumstances.

Due to screen settings and photographic techniques, certain products may look somewhat bigger or less than actual size. The things may be displayed bigger or smaller than their true size to show details or the full item. No legal action will be taken against the Company on this account.


Content and Website Use

Visitors and online buyers should only use SiriusJewels for personal and non-commercial purposes. It is forbidden to use SiriusJewels' website or its material for anything other than personal and non-commercial reasons. You undertake not to copy, publish, transmit, distribute, edit, create derivative works from, or exploit the material of the Sirius website commercially in any manner. You may, however, download, electronically copy, and print any content on the Sirius website for personal, non-commercial use only. You may not (a) change the material or use it for any commercial purpose, including any public exhibition, performance, sale, or rental, (b) decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the content, or (c) remove any copyright, trademark registration, or other proprietary notices from the content. You also agree not to access or use the SiriusJewels website in any way that might affect the site's operation or content.


No Lawful/ Prohibited use

You agree not to upload, post, or otherwise transmit through the online mediums any content that is: (i) deceptive, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, offensive, violent, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, libellous, racially, ethnically, religiously, or otherwise objectionable; (ii) constitutes unauthorised disclosure of personal or confidential information; (iii) infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, publicity (iv) includes viruses, Trojan horses, Worms, corrupted files or code, files and programmes designed to obstruct or destroy the operation of any computer software or hardware; spyware and malware designed for phishing and obtaining sensitive personal or financial information. You also agree not to use the Sirius jewels website or online mediums to: I impersonate an employee or a representative of Sirius, its divisions, or subsidiaries; (ii) misrepresent your identity or affiliation with a person or entity; (iii) send bulk mail, spam, "chain letters," or other unsolicited and unauthorised communication; (iv) attempt to gain unauthorised access to any portion or feature of or any other system or networks; (v) gain or try to obtain by any means any information, materials, or documents not purposefully made available through corporate or internet outlets; (vi) attempting to hack or deface any component of in order to disrupt the normal functioning of or any transaction undertaken on, or to prohibit or prevent any other user from accessing or using; (vii) break any relevant local, state, national, or international law, including, but not limited to, Indian Court of Law rules.


Product Description

SiriusJewels takes every attempt to appropriately represent the items for sale on its website. The colours we employ, as well as the display and colour capabilities of your computer monitor, will all influence the colours you see on your screen. Sirius cannot ensure that the colour, texture, or detail seen on your screens accurately represents the product. Furthermore, Sirius makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or error-free nature of product descriptions or other information.



"Jewellery" refers to predesigned jewellery as well as jewellery set with diamonds and/or gemstones that may be purchased on our website. All jewellery is offered "as is." "Mounts" are designs that hold a diamond(s) or gemstone(s) in place and may or may not feature diamonds or gemstones. Members may choose from a variety of mounts and diamonds to make unique jewellery. Individual diamonds can be purchased without being set on a mount and are referred to as "loose diamonds."



PAN card is required for purchases over Rs. 2,00,000 (According to government regulations). Cash is not accepted. At any given moment, customers will only have one active account. NRIs, international users, and juveniles (under the age of 18) are not permitted to register.


Transaction Status

If a bank refuses to honour a user's payment transaction for an order, the company has the right to refuse to send the goods to the user without responsibility.

If the user's chosen payment gateway flags the transaction as fraudulent for any reason, SiriusJewels has the right to refuse to send the order without responsibility. If the payment gateway does not remove the fraudulent flag, SiriusJewels may be unable to fulfil the order. The money paid will be repaid in the same manner as it was originally paid.

Only the principle payment will be reimbursed to the consumer in case of a 7-day return or cancellation. The SiriusJewels donation will not be available to customers. Within 7-10 business days, refunds will be handled in the same account as the contribution.

The nominee will be entitled to collect the funds if the enrolled individual passes away. To transfer the amount to themselves, the candidate must submit relevant papers.



Before completing any transaction on the Website, users can register to become Members. On completion of their purchase, guests will be given a user account.

To register for the app, the User must give Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Policy), such as name, e-mail, phone number, and address, as well as a customer verification question (for example, your mother's maiden name), which will be used for verification reasons. If the Member has already registered, he or she must login or sign into his or her account.


Retail Purchase

Any Member who wants to buy something from the Website has the below options:

  1. Add the selected diamond jewellery (s) to the shopping cart; or
  2. Customize jewellery by adding diamond(s) to a ring, pendant, earring, or any other type of jewellery that is expressly stated as customizable on the Website, and then add the item to the shopping cart; or
  3. Select from the Website's Jewellery selection and add the item to the shopping cart; or
  4. To place an order, call +(91) 02612999299 and speak to one of our expert advisers. The Member will get the order form through email, fax, or courier, as appropriate.

If a User wants to purchase something, he or she may be required to register on the website/app after adding the item(s) to the shopping cart. At the time of purchase, Members must also give any additional mandatory information required by law, such as their Permanent Account Number (PAN) and/or GST number.

Orders are usually deemed finalised only once has received payment. may call Members who have placed orders over the Website at random to confirm the orders and ask a verification question. Only when the Member has answered the verification question will Sirius validate the order.

Once the item(s) have been purchased, Sirius

  1. Order the diamond(s), put them on the Mount, and deliver them to the Member in the case of loose diamonds or personalised jewellery; or
  2. Order the Jewellery, make it, and present it to the Member in the case of Jewellery.
  3. If a bank refuses to honour a Member's payment transaction for an order, Sirius reserves the right to refuse to dispatch the product to the Member without responsibility.


RBI Mandate for PAN Card / COD

For orders over Rs. 200,000, a PAN CARD proof is required. If the customer fails to deliver, the order will be terminated.


Made-To-Order Jewellery

  1. When making an order for Made-to-Order Jewellery, the Customer must pay a 20% deposit.
  2. If a client cancels a made-to-order jewellery order, the advance paid will be reimbursed, less a 10% fee.
  3. If a client does not pick up a made-to-order jewellery purchase from the shop within 60 days, the order will be cancelled with a 15% deduction and the remainder given to the buyer in the form of a gift card.


Refer and Earn Programme

Sirius Stars may be earned and used to place orders on the SiriusJewels App and in stores.

  •  1 rupee = 1 Sirius Star.
  •  You will receive 500 Sirius Stars, valued at Rs. 500 once you create (Signed Up) your app account.
  •  You will receive 250 Sirius Stars, valued at Rs. 250. When you tell your friends and family about the SiriusJewels App, they download it and create (sign up) an account.
  •  Your friends and family will each receive 500 Sirius Stars valued Rs. 500. After they download the app and create (sign up) an account, they will be treated similarly to you.
  •  The real Sirius Star balance or 25% of the Product Value, whichever is lower, can be used.
  •  SiriusJewels has the right to change the Sirius Stars terms of service at any moment.
  •  SiriusJewels reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user's account without notice if the user is discovered to be engaging in any fraudulent activity to obtain Sirius Stars through the use of the Internet or any Clone Software, or if accounts created through Users Ref. were not verified by our Telephonic Confirmation System.
  •  At any time or at any store, the Sirius Stars cannot be redeemed for cash.